Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I demand equality!

WARNING: The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning. Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following

Check the link for some visual examples such as this:

I ROFL at 0:48... EVERY TIME

The TvTropes says Astaroth has it as well (how does that work? Too massive or he's being eating too much/skipping weightlifting) but when I first thought, is there no MALE Gainaxing, like... you know?

Read in the comments. A PLAYER LOST WHEN HE SAW HIS ...GAINAXING... MORNING STAR! (Read the comment currently in the first page)

Well, that's a bit beyond what I meant for equality, but I guess it KINDA explains why it is rare and recent, huh? Let's just say that if I animate one of those Thong Barbarians for a SEXY game, expect plenty of male Gainaxing!

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