Monday, August 15, 2011

I am Ramsey... Master of BLOCKS!

WARNING: The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning. Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following

 I am Ramsey... Master of BLOCKS!

While I learn how not to mess up with paying bills (and resign myself to unfair billings?) so I don't end up offline EVER AGAIN, I managed to fiddle around with the OniB2 editor (and decipher the Googlefished instructions web pages) for long enough to actually make good games with it! I wrote a FAQ for it (using the BakuBlock as a base >;P) so that even those not int Japanese can (HOPEFULLY) use it as well.

Incoming usual links...

OniB2 has some obvious advantages over Bakuretu Block. First, it's easier to make. All you need is at least one Before and one After pic instead of the transparent GIF layers needed in BakuBlock(which are REALLY annoying for me to make, especially the annoying 'halo effect' that I keep getting on them) and it has a secondary 'tear effect' for the blocks that does a VERY good job at simulating Clothing Damage! >:D ... or chewing up an apple as the sample in the instructions XD

The coolest thing about OniB2 is how the creator has learned from Breakthrough, Arkanoid, and any all others I might not remember now. Power-ups are great, and you'll need them with multi-stage games (ENDLESS NINE! XD) and for the resistant blocks that need 2 or even 3 hits to clear (and I'm being VERY evil with those...) you can put blocks that will drop a power-up item when cleared, and you can cleverly play invisible blocks... oh! and there are INVINCIBLE blocks too! There are also blocks I have no clue what they do, but maybe I'll find out later? Thanks to the variety of items, it's hard to clear an OniB2 games the same way twice, though getting all OR no items came be a nice self-imposed challenge if you like that. A challenge for ME is to make an artistic or... EXCITING pattern of Clothing Damage

For BakuBlock you had to know HTML to put music on it beyond the sound effects, but as I discovered thanks to Digiket samples (I went through the whole hard disk out of boredom and found it XP) you can put plenty of music in OniB2! BGM, victory and failure themes are all waiting to be set. And with some coding added to the Sample HTML the editor makes you can have a professional game in no time!

For some reason, you can only use a maximum pic size of 400x400 in the editor unless you edit the settings TXT file and type in a bigger size, but there's no error if you do it that way (try to load bigger pic from the editor and an error comes out and it closes XP) so any pics is OK, though it'd be best if it fits in any monitor, right? XD

Baku Block ain't exactly bad, but beyond needing Flash, OniB2 is clearly better. I can easily make both, and I'm actually working on that right now(remaking the BakuBlock ones, in larger size for some of them!), so they both get just about as much love. Not strange from me, I'm sure, but I'm actually trying to write a Stripball fic, starting a new series of the I titled Queer Science. If you don't get the movie reference, I'm sure the title is kinda self-explanatory anyway...

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