Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Interactive Gallery RPG: Bare Adventure

WARNING: The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning. Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following. Expect content of ALL ratings!

NOTE: I'm only posting the pics here, the interaction is in the original gallery site. I'm just sharing the concept here, along with the pics.

Inspired by this:

But this will be VERY different, that's for sure.

1. Class- Bare Fist

2. Skills- Tempered Body, Unarmed Combat, No Shame or Pride (WILL NOT use weapon or armor)

3. Gear- Battle Shovel, Grappling Hook, simple cloth cape

4. Strength- Great( 2 ranks above Average)

5. Dexterity- Great

6. Constitution- Superior (3 ranks above Average)

7. Luck- Average

8. Intelligence- Average

9. Wisdom- Average (Combat arts=Great, Magic Arts=Poor)

10. Charisma- Good

To advance a Level , accumulate XP from page views, comments (1/2 XP per comment) and Favorites (5 XP). (Current LV +1) x 100 XP per Lv. First post is Lv 0, stating race, class (optional) and initial Stats (STRength, DEXterity, CONstitution, INTelligence, WISdom, CHArisma, LUCK).
If a Level gets more then needed the excess doesn't carry over. This requires at least 1 owner drawing per Level.
Character Level goes in the title.
Multiple images with the same Level add together for Levels, Stats and Skills.
Character pictures drawn by other people counts for whatever Level he's at the time it was posted or the Level he is drawn as. Points for Skills/Class and Stat Growth scored from these images are DOUBLED!
The character changes as he Levels up and Grows. (Gaining muscle, battle scars, etc... )
Character story develops as he gains Levels and Skills and Stat Growth.
Not limited to one universe. (So you can do crossovers with other characters)

Closing- When a post has earned enough points for a Level up or after a specific deadline has passed, a Comment stating CLOSED will be posted by the owner, along with the current amount of earned Experience, Skill and Growth points (a friendly reminder for followers and a memo for the owner himself) Comments after a CLOSED post will not be valid for scoring.

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