Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning.

Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following

I have been thinking about this for a while... I have found myself writing a lot more than drawing (OK, I haven't drawn AT ALL for a while) and I thought about my "stand-up moments" when I visit my friends (I might look scary, but around my friends I'm a real joker) so I finally made up my mind and will put it on text. Please observe my journal heading before reading ;-)

I figure it's a good idea to let you all know more about me, since I'm not likely to make YouTube videos, and while I already have a microphone here, i only want to do a recording so you know how I sound like. That's bound to be funny, especially if you manage to understand me! I also thought of writing this as short fics or theater scripts (I'm sure I used the wrong term... screenplay, maybe?) but maybe with a little practice I'll figure out if Fic submissions work better than Journal posts.

I chose to start with me, myself and the "I’s" that I have over the Net. Everything about me applies to the other unless it obviously contradicts something. I’m planning to draw a group pic to go with this. BTW, there 6 sides of Me (Other Half of Me by Icon of Coil)

Luis Raul Diaz Rios- Eternal Walker ( 90 minutes from home to town for over 5 years!)The Google Brain, The Duke of Games ( I know little of nobility ranks, but I'm sure Duke is lower than King XD) The Curious Gorilla. I have a few more nicknames, but they are exclusive to certain people, and others are the usual annoying school days nick you wish to erase from mankind's history. I grew real fast, so much that Mom had to argue at the last years I could still get kiddy tickets for movies and such. I have a skin thing that gives me "meat bumps" that end up with me covered in Band-aids even with the most expensive shavers, so I leave it for my monthly barber visit. I enjoy games so much I design a lot of them and remix almost every one I try out. I like to learn, and learning something new once I day is something I try to do. It's also what I try to learn Japanese any way available to me, besides the fact that I like anime, manga and many other things from Japan an other Asian countries. I have somewhat bad eyesight, which might be why I confuse detail in pics sometimes, and why visual puzzles take me longer.

Ramsey- The Gorilla artist, less scary than what most humans would think, just talk nicely and respectfully and you won't get hurt. A proud geek who doesn’t mind giving assistance or information whenever I can. Likes cute (the Peachtree dog from the TV ads) and humor (George Carlin makes heaven smile brighter now)

Google Brain- when someone tries to remember something I ask for keywords or genre. Since I read so much I usually know what they want to say. I tend to joke with computer names, like needing to defrag my memories or that you need a codec to understand me talking (I will make a recording soon so you hear me and believe it or not XD).

Tetsu- a Ramsey from a fully furry world, an amateur mage that contacted me by accident, then ended up in our world by accident. Until he somehow manages to go back, I have him as my houseguest. He's totally opposite of me, promiscuous, dirty jokes all the time, eats like the floor is his dinner guest, and a tornado would make less of a mess than he does! ... One of these days I'll end up learning magic to "help" him...

Ahndal- The Knight, The Blade of Righting. First time I remember using this one was for browser game about knight. Since then I use him for war games, old or new, following my Second Lives concept. (Like Rudo and Bakari living in medieval times and then "reborn" into modern times) He is not part of an army so he won’t be forced to obey orders he thinks are wrong.

Rhaigan- The Barbarian, the Hate Killer. If there is someone a racist or bigot does not want to meet alone, it is Rhaigan. Not particularly victim of them, but he does not allow them to hurt anyone. Unfortunately, he has a bit of the Berserker in him, meaning a short fuse and fast combat reflexes, instead of hi mouth shooting off, it’s his left fist or right foot, usually right to the tender spots. Beware, he bites! Still, he is really a good guy, and he loves animals as much as they love him back. You might catch him playing around with pups or kitties to amuse kids, but you better not say anything about it… he still

Rhaizan- The werebeast, a Law Berserk, not truly an anarchist, but if a rule doesn’t work out, he scraps it without blinking, also why he is solo instead of with a pack. WereGorillas are rare, and one like him is even more. He knows of Beastmen and has dealt with a few rogues, but he prefers to keep living by himself if he can help it. I admit he is the least developed of the six for now, but that will soon change after I get the group pic finished.

That will be all for this time. I'm still new at this, so I'll do more soon, OK?

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