Thursday, May 13, 2010

My experience with Blood Bowl/Chaos League

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My experience with Blood Bowl/Chaos League

I saw that the Blood Bowl Wiki was started in 2008, and that the Living Rulebook is in the 5th version now, But I only found out about Blood Bowl a few months ago. I tried the DS game, but I’m not much into football, so I was no good at it. Then I see this:

And I got into playing it again. Now I got a better feel for the game, and decided to start all over now that I understand the rules and how to WIN a game. MY First match with the Wilders (Chaos) against a Wood Elf team ended 3-0, 10 injured, 2 DEAD… all in my favor, and that really got me playing. I also got the PC version (will have to save for the Legendary game/version!) but I can’t handle the Real Time mode… just like I can’t handle football games XP but it certainly has more to look at (nice fur on the Minotaur and there are multiple models for each player, 6 skins and 9 heads for Beastmen!… or was it backwards?) I certainly enjoy the commentary… and the simulated chat taunts The Campaign mode is bound to keep me in Fullscreen/Away mode for some time…

Googling about this game I found Chaos League, a more Real-time game kinda like Blood Bowl. I can manage to play and win this one, but I work better at slow/turn-based games. It’s got it’s own charms, too so I might play it some more.

FYI, these are the Blood Bowl wiki pages I have made

They will help for my latest idea, Blood Bowl Anthro teams! I already started scouting…

BTW, this is me in FUMBBL, which has a Java Blood Bowl game. I'm still learning IRC and getting to play the game, but If you are interested...

I'm here

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