Thursday, May 13, 2010

My newest favorite game

WARNING: The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning. Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following

Thanks to konanarillah  konanarillah I found a pack to make BakuretuBlock games (gotta check if there's a new version) I spent a while of my offline time making the graphics for these games, but then got so many ideas that I haven STARTED any yet! Story of my life...

I guess I'll have to put a page in FeralRealm so people can play them. For know I'll post a bit of my FAQ on the subject. If anyone wants one I guess I'll make them for $10 per pack, which is a two-stage game(you can link them for even more stages, another of my ideas)

What is this?

It's a Java game just like Breakout or Arkanoid. You control a pad you use to shoot and bounce a ball that will clear blocks to reveal what's underneath. Here's the site for the version I have

In the original Japanese games, you undress a character, and get kinkier from there at times. Christopher "DeeMer" DeMichiei made a Kirby-themed version (destroy Dark Matter!) that shows how flexible the theme can be. For example, my plan is for a series where tiny furries fight back at armored predators by destroying their armor with the magical Stripball... and then biting and scratching all their tender spots! XD

FYI, BakuretuBlock turns your 480 X 560 GIFs into 16 X 16 blocks, making a 30 X 35 grid of a maximum of 1050 blocks... well, I was just curious and ran the Calculator XP

Bakuretu Block Parameters

1. life= how many tries to clear all blocks

2. wait= the speed of the Stripball. Higher means slower (wait speed, not max speed)

4. sound= enable the sound for block break, pad/wall hit and missed ball

5. fuku1= the layer to break down

6. ok1= how many blocks can be left before the stage is won

7. kantuu1= the special ball when you bounce it back with the DEAD CENTER of the pad

8. ext_mode= enables a second layer for a second stage. You must add a fuku2, ok2, and kantuu2 line for this second stage, so you can make it easier or harder if you wish...

9. bonus= an JPEG image or GIF image/animation for when the final layer is cleared

10. next= a click on the game window will send the player to a new webpage

Mastering BakuretuBlock

1. Center Yourself- do your best to hit the EXACT CENTER of the pad to bounce the ball back for a powerful "penetration shot" that will go through blocks instead of breaking just one and bouncing back. This will make ANY BakuBlock much easier to clear... as long as kantuu is enabled in the game!

2. Lucky Corner- Experiment with launching the ball from a certain spot until you find one that gets it bouncing around and clearing a bunch of blocks before you even get a chance to bounce it back!

4. Surgical Strike- use the form of the fuku layer to your advantage! Use curves and corners by sending the ball inside them to bounce all over them, or use the "corridors" made by kantuu shots!

5. Divide and...LOSE?- it can be really hard to hit small clumps and solitary blocks later on, so try to clear the edges of the layer and work your way to the middle...

6. Work on your return- No matter what you do or how, you have to bounce back the ball eventually, so always pay attention to where it is going, especially in high-speed games!

Making BakuretuBlock games

1. Take it apart- You'll need a background image as the cg, and at least one layer for the fuku1 that will be on top of the cg image. a bonus image for when the fuku layer(s) are cleared is a nice touch, or a next link to a webpage for an even better reward!

2. A Balanced Deal- There should be enough lives to clear all blocks, especially if there are two stages. If there are many blocks to clear, give more lives and enable kantuu shots. Those shots can clear A LOT of blocks in one go! If there aren't that many blocks give fewer lives, or even disable kantuu shots for a bigger challenge!

4. Size Matters- small pieces are dealt with in a different way that large pieces. In any case the more blocks there are, the more lives that may be needed... the placement of the blocks can be a challenge by itself!

5. Eye Tricks- while clearing the fuku2 layer, everything in fuku1 is treated as background, only to be an obstacle to clear at stage 2! Also, a block will be made even from even ONE solitary pixel, so be careful when making the GIF transparency... unless you're evil...>:-P If you ARE evil, you can make something part of ALL layers so it "stays" there after being cleared... quite a mind game!

6. Here's your reward!- It always nice to get a bonus, especially after clearing out TWO stages! You can put a GIF instead of a JPEG as the bonus, too. Of course linking to a page with something more than a JPEG or GIF would be a great reward for a really tough BakuBlock! Some japanese makers link to a gallery with all the images, for example.

BakuretuBlock Themes/Ideas

1. Gorilla in the Mist- the mist of a HOT SPRING, actually! But that might work too, right?

2. Smoke and Mirrors- Clear out the smoke and see what's actually there, magic or not!

4. Underwear Bandit- I've never KNOWN of someone having even their clothes stolen, but maybe this thief should see how it feel like, eh?

5. Scary Shadows- Mist, cobwebs, tree leaves and grass in a Halloween night... Wait, is there SOMETHING hiding in there?!

6. ShaveBall?!?- Taking the original theme to a HAIRIEST level! Leave a Wookie, Sasquatch,etc. hairless and prideless! For some reason I wondered what a Wookie looked like under all that hair... do they have ears? >:D That could work on those crazy hairstyles, too... from broom head to skinhead! >:D

7. Digball- dig out fossils... or treasure! Like a few games I've read about lately....

8. Scratchball- You know Scratch and Win? Then you know what I mean XD

My Dream Baku Block

1. Gravity- if you leave a bunch of blocks "floating", have them fall!

2. Power Combo- If you make consecutive Kantuu shots, make them stronger/bigger!

3. Sweet Spots- hitting certain spots to make a bar fill up. Max it out for a hot bonus!

4. Score- I'd love to know how many lives I had left after I clear the last stage. Maybe a score for those lives left, or a bonus gift if you have enough left!

5. Left or Right?- that's one thing I want the most, choosing which way to shoot the ball at the start...

6. Targets- How about clearing specific areas instead of leaving a certain amount of blocks?

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