Thursday, May 13, 2010

What you may/not know about me (read at you own risk)

WARNING: The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning. Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following

1. I don't start conversations: At least not in IM, unless I have something to say or ask. Some people get kinda mad at me for that, or rather find it so odd not to have little IM with someone after a week or more... I'm quite talkative in person, though. So much that if you don't stop me I'm bound to keep talking! AND when I see you are Away or appear online, I consider you might be busy, and I don't interrupt anyone, unless it's really important, and even then I can wait a while, at least in person.

2. I'm shy: Yeah, the tons of porn I do are not a match to how I am. Heck, when I read the comment of my photos I was totally red over here! I can joke and fool around, but I have never had a boy/girlfriend. If someone flirts with me... I might spontaneously teleport! XD

3. I can be loud: the more I talk, the more I get into it. And if it's exciting, my volume goes up with the excitement. My friend Ricardo has to signal me when I'm getting carried away before the whole neighborhood hears me!

4. I have just a toenail clipper: I got TEETH for my fingernails... I bite them off when I'm bored/idle, or they're long. I actually bit off my TOENAILS when I was younger... I don't reach anymore XD

5. I always finish what I start: As long as I find out how... Just a week ago, I decided to finish watching Sailor Moon Sailorstars, since I watched the first 3 fansub VHS years ago. I got a few ideas for a bunch of new YuGiOh cards I had planned, Psychic Rebels, thought they are NOT Sailor Moon related! XD

I'm pretty sure there are others ( I'm sure I didn't write ALL the ones I meant to right now) but I guess that just means there will be a part two...

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