Thursday, May 13, 2010

Videogames Meme

WARNING: The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning. Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following

Well, since I am SO into them, let's do this meme. This are faster to finish than the art memes, that's for sure! (got two of those WIP for like a week...XP)

1) What was your FIRST video game console?
Sega Master System... somehow burned inside...

2) Name a few games you played on said console.
Wonder Boy, Shinobi, Zillion, and a few I can't name but certainly remember.. like the secret maze game in the console!

3) Excluding handhelds, how many VG consoles do you own presently?
Excluding my DS, none

4) Were you a Street Fighter nut? Any character in particular?
I`ve played most of them but not like a hardcore player. And of course, Zangief and Blanka are hawt ^_^

5) Do you think Capcom is a FUCKING awesome company with
"creating characters that looks so good you forget to focus on the game."

That might be so, but theyre also good at making dozens of version of the same game. I'm OK with Mega Man going on, but een eith THAT they overkill!

6) Here's the scenario.. You had some friends over and you all ate FRIED CHICKEN! After the meal you all decide to play some video games. As your friend reaches for a controller you notice his/her hands are very "greasy." Are you the type that would insist they wash their hands before pawing the controller, or is it no big deal?

Not with MY controllers! At Rick's, you snack, then WASH, then play!

7) What's your favorite RPG/Action RPG? I will allow a second and third fave if you insist.
Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior/Quest, and Tri-Ace games

8) Do you prefer 2D games or 3D games?
As long as the games is GOOD, I don't mind if it is done in watercolor!

9) Are you an SNK fan?

... I think that's a "Yes"... XD

9) Are you good at DDR?
I won't fall off the pad, but I won't play above Normal difficulty

10) Who wants to kick that dog's ass from Duck Hunt?
I remmber that game... I ain't good at those, but i know that dog got on some people's nerves

11) Have you skipped out on important events in life because of video games?
Not on purpose...

12) Do you listen to video game music?

13) Have you ever cosplayed a VG character?
I doubt it... unless i find one that looks like me!

14) Have you ever been in an arcade playing a fighting game, KICKING ASS, and then some 6 year old asian kid comes in and OWNS YOU??
I was told of that happening to own who though OWNED Marvels Vs Capcom 2... poor ego. Hasn't happened to me... I was the "bully buster" in my high school years! anyone that tried to take advantage of the younger players, I just stood beside them, and they let me in. 90 secnds later i had won and they could get beat fairly by the CPU... Wait, did I say FAIRLY??

15) Name three games you would love to see remakes of if it was done properly.
WOW, I'm waiting for too many to list here... XP

16) Mario or Sonic?
I'm not into speed (not even Turbo fighting games) So Mario, unless it's in games you have to jump... I'm an expert in FALLING X(

17) When a movie shows up in the theaters, let's use Spider-man as an example, are you likely to buy the GAME version?
Ony if the games is actually good!

18) What is your LEAST favorite genre of video games? (ex. fighting, sports, shooters, etc.)
Sports, and FPS; I don't buy the hype and I suck at ANYTHING first person!

19) Is there a game out there that you feel was unique and didn't get enough love?

Well, I can play about ANYTHING... try it out at least. Space Channel 5 was a funny game and I'm still waiting for the rumored part 3... and Bust A Groove Dance Summit... WHY didn't they biring it to America?! :,(

20) Have you ever verbally abused a game because you couldn't beat one of the levels and/or bosses?
Only when...

...the controller is so battered my commands never reach the console
... they decided the next step is something out of a Spielberg/wuxia movie

21) Do you own any VG apparel?
I am NOT a brand bitch (not seeking to offend) even for my fave games... but I don't return gifts! XD

22) What are your thoughts on the live-action Super Mario Bros movie?
Haven't actually seen it all. A good idea that might not have been done well enough.

23) On that note, what did you think about the live-action Street Fighter movie?
For all that is good in this world... when I remember RAUL JULIA in the Street Fighter movie... WHAT WERE THEY SNORTING?!

24) Who's hottest out of the KOF chicks?
Well... Angel is provocative, Mai is "...'nuff said" King is a "stand by myself" lady... oh, right, sexy

25) Do you say "old-school" a lot when you're having a VG conversation with others?
Not really, but if something OLD, its old.

26) Have you ever lent someone a game and they returned it to you damaged?
I only let them play NEAR me, but if they do borrow it... well, you don't want to make a gorilla ANGRY, do you??

27) Do you own any imported games?
Giulty as charged....

28) Are you ready for this meme to be over, or could you keep going?
I don't really mind...

29) In this scenario, let's pretend you're going to get a video game tattoo! What would you get and where? This can be simple or elaborate.
Hmm... A Bloody Roar gorilla beast mark? (I know there isn't one... YET)

30) Have you ever cried after you beat a game? If so why?
I haven't cried about anything game related... only movies or Tv programs ( funny, i haven't cried reading something in a book...)

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