Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Expanding the shop!

WARNING: The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning. Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following

Back online, back in business! XD

I already draw and write, and can make animated GIFs (all of which can get better) and now I got an old Macromedia Flash and Photoshop so I think I can expand my product line! ... as long as I can learn how to use them.

As a bit of a training session, I got back to Bakuretu Block. Ochea again, for those new to it (as few as that may be, since I'm not a FA Idol! X-D) here's a CoPaste from the FAQ I wrote for it:

It's a Java game just like Break Em All, Breakout or Arkanoid. You control a pad you use to shoot and bounce a ball that will clear blocks to reveal what's underneath. Here's the site for the version I have:

And here's a link to my favorite:

WARNING! This one is a Stripball game with "Happy Ending" for adults only!

I got a pack made by an English-speaking fellow, and I realized a bit of code he missed/forgot, so if you wanna try, and I hope you do, let me know! I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make the GIFs for the top layers of the games with Photoshop (since the image editor I use happens not to make GIFs... though it CAN make Photoshop image files... HAH) so I went through a lot of work and I still can't get them done right, and while I got them working right for the game, I keep getting this 'halo effect' that makes the borders stand out, and IT LOOKS HORRIBLE, not to mention that it totally ruins the surprise factor (trying to guess what goes away first) in the 2-stage games. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but no matter what order I format the pics to make the layers, it doesn't seem to make a difference, and that's annoying! Anyway, I know enough about Photshop to do almost everything I did with my old image editor (except a few things I have NO IDEA where they are in Photoshop!) so hopefully I will do better with my art from now on... as soon as I learn shading and coloring, of course!

Back to BakuBlock, I made over TWO DOZEN games in a week, about a dozen a day, and I'm confident enough to add them to my products list. I'm not sure if it's OK to use the Baku Block pack like this, but if it is, I think I'll make BakuBlock games for $8, since it's one pic with up to 2 layers, or 12 if it is the 2-stage Mix I figured out later on (actually, the one in the link above is like that, too) so that's two pics to do besides the layers and formatting. I'll also include how to make your own to enjoy at home! ;D

About those two dozen games... most I made from pics from Pixiv and FA, so OBVIOUSLY I'm not selling those, but If you like I can get you CD of my 6 (so far) own original ones, and more or less successful Baku Blocks with the Japanese and English packs (each with their own game) and the FAQ I wrote for $9 (I'm running out of CDs, so first buyer helps me AND the rest of the customers! X-D) while the one made by inspiring (and easy to format >:D) art from FA will have it e-mailed to them pretty soon. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do. Making them isn't that bad now, either... XP

BTW, lately I've been writing 'game journals' and I did a creation journal for these BakuBlocks, at least up to the tenth entry. I did a few more after that, but otherwise I would never finish writing it! It's just some ideas and a bit of my thoughts and happenings while I was doing this

Somehow, after I installed Flash 8, I forgot that most expensive programs have a Help section tht's about as big as the manual, so while I was depressed over being offline, I figured I had no way of learning how to use it. Well, a random click got me opening Flash, and I clicked Help just to check, and sure enough, I just need a few hours to learn how to use it, and then maybe I need some extra lessons to get a game or two going! For now I'll stick to traditional animation and other game-making apps, but I really want to take the next step, so who knows when I'll manage...

There is also this game in the Internet. These are for adults, but they are more complex and interesting than Bakuretu Block. They got powerups and even a hi-score ranking!

I got the editor from there, but apparently it is to put in their site or I have to do something else. Anyone that knows enough Japanese to learn me decipher this will have me being VERY grateful to them! And making more games, of course.

BTW, I found this site in Ron-9's works...

Know that there alternative "games" that may not be liked by all viewers (I'd tell you which, but I am walking in the dark myself...O_o)

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