Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's all aout the WHOLE package! This proves my point

WARNING: The following may be hilariously silly or annoyingly serious, or somewhere in between, changing tone without warning. Reader's discretion is advised. Do not drink, eat or operate heavy machinery while reading the following

It's all aout the WHOLE package! These games prove my point
I don't play Resident Evil games for two reasons, the game type and the control method (I just cannot move around as I want as I do with the usual mode) and if a game has that control scheme I just stop playing right away. I don't play driving games for the same reason (except Speed Racer since I somehow managed to handle it and Mario Kart for obvious reasons... right, DK?) because not being able to control myself (sounds weird, huh?) is NOT a fun thing for me...

Well, I just found this game



Reading up the game sounded just too much to pass. BUT when I tried to WALK to the right... I'm turning in place...

OH NO...

Then I see my first customer is a PEGASUS?

OK... You want a plate? Must be in that green-glowing table... uh,oh! Ah, its just a plant pot... Ok, here's the plat...


... Never mind... Here's your plate. Do come again! :D (Bull smile)

I never thought I would actually have fun stumbling through a store... which actually happens to me IN REAL LIFE (I AM pretty big, you see?) But I still want to try and LEARN to make a clean playthrough... though it seems to be NAUGHTY fun to have a DEMOLITION RAVE


Well, my point is that while some people get hooked by graphics or sound, and others go for genres or franchises, sometimes yo need to check the whole deal. That's part of why some of my friends (ONE specifically) thing I will play ANYTHING (he said LEGO star Wars...one of the LEGO games, which I DO NOT PLAY) while I simply am open-minded enough to try and discover some games that are fun despite being cheap or pretty much unknown.

Hopefully more demos will come out and people will AT LEAST get the chance to see how good games really are beyond first glance and advertising hype.

... and this was meant to be a serious post with a serious message...

What do you know.? I found one that actually makes my point MUCH clearer!



Get the game at the second link after reading some comments, hopefully.

A more polished (and REASONABLY restricted) form of this would be REALLY nice

Let me try to explain what I mean in a CCG example. For even MORE insanity, both opponents start WITH THEIR BACK TURNED

Psycho Seme decides he wants to go Mortal Kombat style and sent some body parts (and BLOOD) flying, so he plays face-down:


After both fighters set down their move, the actual attacks are resolved, who now he sees Uke Troll actually played:

Delayed Power (loses priority/goes 2nd)

Basically, what this should represent is that:

Psycho Uke turns around with a Spinzaku-like Killer Spin Kick, Uke Troll (of the hated kind, not the fantasy one) simply ducks, waits, and then pulls out a Senkyutai rising kick that might leave Psycho Uke either an invalid or a FEMALE...

Better just watch the Toribash vids... though there might be more creepy/ gut-wrenching stuff than what I somehow just wrote...

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